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Very Important

TotD has tried to teach. On the subject of drugs, I have always maintained that by avoiding powders and pills, and not doing all your drugs at once, harm might be reduced. We know that life is short, and that we must therefore listen to ’73.  If you’re going to take your dick out at the mall, then it should be at a Foot Locker.

But there’s one overriding theme to all of this silliness and slapdash sentimentality, and it is this: Time is a cunt.

Time doesn’t pass because it has to: it wants to. There is a glee time takes in every minute ripped from us while we sleep or when we weren’t paying attention. Time was paying attention. And counting. Always counting.

Time pisses on all of our fires.

Time turns acid tests into the Acid Tests into The Acid Test into the line outside Winterland into the lot outside the Greek into Shakedown Street into an All-Access Luxury VIP Shakedown Experience and Barbecue©.

This is not my beautiful house.


  1. Bear would have liked the menu.

  2. This is not my Shakedown

  3. E3 Shakedown (Hey look! We’re cheeky and self-aware but we don’t mean Shakedown seriously but actually we kinda do) Pass.

  4. The term Shakedown jumped the shark in 1995. This corporate skullduggery is that term and being netted in a Japanese beach cove and slaughtered by hand by little Kang-looking fellows with dull knives wanting to sell poor bleeding Shakedown on the black market for a few extra yen to sloppy businessmen who enjoy being seen at the fish market buying the rare expensive stuff but couldn’t tell the difference between prime fresh raw Shakedown meat and BumbleBee Tuna.

  5. “All the things this should have been have been impossible for decades now”

    ^have not heard it put so perfectly until now

  6. Strike the “and” after the word ” term”

  7. It is absolutely never, ever, ever OK to dose people without their knowledge and permission.

    Without exception.

    Except for the people eating this particular barbecue.

    The sauce is too obvious…Wet-Nap may be a better carrier.

    Speaking of Wet-Naps, it’s been awhile…

  8. Remember that guy, Sam Hughes, from the GD movie? I wonder where he is now. He’d shit a brick.

  9. Nuthin’ ritzy about it: That’s dry cracker barBQ sauce

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