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Vestal Non-Virgin

phil white wtf

I don’t know what is going on here. is it a vest? A sleeveless coat? Whatever you call it, it looks like something a 55-year-old lesbian from Montpelier would pair with Tevas and call “dressy.”


  1. Now you”ve done it, outing Phil’s twin sister, Phillipa. Both took bass lessons after Phillipa met Garcia and was asked to join the GD. Phil, knowing she did not have the chops, sacraficed his FM late night radio career and his atonal music writing to learn the electric bass so they could play in the band on alternating nights. For those of us who were REALLY in the know, the game was to try to figure out which of them it was on any given night, as they looked identical until you got, well crazy intimate, and even then….okay, too much information. Suffice it to say ANOTHER DEAD SECRET COMES TO LIFE!!!

  2. We all have our dirty “little secrets.” For instance, my middle name is actually Phillip. My Peeps are Bavarian Ashkenazim. I play Lap Steel guitar. I began my lighting career as a psychedelic “light show” Guy at age 15.

    Sadly, the list goes on and on…At least I have no Doppelganger.

  3. Not only the vest, but the hair and those sunglasses. This must be from the band’s appearance at Lilith Fair.

  4. Imagine the shoes.

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