Jesus, Phil, you look like you should be holding a pitchfork and standing next to your wife in a famous painting.

“Shut it, fuckface. Voting is important.”

I get it, but this is a threatening expression you have on your face.

“Democracy is being threatened. The cretins are at the door!”

No argument here.

“Boobs, boors, philistines, simpletons, and the alliterate.”

Phil, that is democracy. Those people you mentioned? They’re the electorate.



“Since when?”


“Then maybe we need a little less democracy.”

Mm. Dunno about that one.

“Yeah, you’re right. Everybody gets a vote no matter how dumb they are.”

It’s the least worst system.

“Still, though. This fucking guy.”

This fucking guy. Probably too late now, but you should get Terrapin Crossroads made a polling place. Sell a lot of drinks.

“I gotta make a call.”

God bless America.

“And the 700% markup on liquor.”