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The excitement! The glamour! The arthritic joints, and other kinds!

Welcome to TotD’s Tie-Dyed carpet, where we meet the stars coming to FTW and also, probably, John Mayer.

Bill! Bill Walton!

“Oh, hello, there.”

Bill, the entire Dead world wants to know who you’re wearing!

“T-shirt by Emiliano Zegna, cargo shorts are vintage Anna Sui.”


“I’m just fucking with you: Mickey snagged me a 6XL and I’ve been wearing the same boxer shorts since the playoffs.”

Great.  Anything you want to say to Internet-Land?

“I’m just reminded of something Coach Wooden used to say–”


“–‘Bill,’ he’d say. ‘Never let a Puerto Rican know where you live.’ Smart man, huh?”

We’re done.

“Should I put my hand in the Mani-Cam?”

Absolutely not.


  1. What’s a mani-cam? And the clouds look like three Nak shotguns that made terrible tapes. It’s the ghost of terrible tapers!

  2. How do I listen to this thing without paying? Is this it?

    I don’t think so. But I can’t tell. It’s pretty groovy jamming WeverTF it is.

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