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Wash And Weir


Hey, Bobby. Whatcha doing?

“Didn’t we just do this?”

You’re a very popular character.

“I’m the Garcia now, yeah.”

Bobby, may I ask you some questions?

“I don’t know: can you?”


“Then, yeah. Sure.”

Favorite part of doing the laundry?

“I was always fond of the word ‘hamper.'”

What is laundry to you?

“A word that almost rhymes with foundry.”

How do you make laundry an enjoyable task?


What’s your laundry pet peeve?

“When people don’t use their turn signals.”

Laundry pet peeve, Bobby.

“They might be going to the dry cleaners.”

Sure. What’s your proudest laundry victory?

“So many to choose from, y’know? Got spicy mustard out of Snake T-Shirt once, that was a pretty sweet day. Oh, wait: my shorts. There were a lot of stains. Let’s just leave it vague. Lotta stains.”

What is your favorite Laundress product?

Le Labo Santal 33 Signature Detergent. Hands down.”

Excellent choice.

“I’m particular about fragrances: smells get stuck in my mustache.”

Right. What did you used to be afraid to wash?

“Other men’s testicles.”


“They’ll hit you.”

Sure. What’s something we may not know about laundry at the Weir house?

“It’s, um…it’s just regular laundry.”

Washer, dryer.

“Some stuff gets sent out. You know: laundry. Not that much to think about.”

You’d think.

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  1. On tour with RatDog we oftentimes would wind up in the same hotel as Bobby and more than once I’ve had friends meet up with him doing laundry in the middle of the night. Not even joking.

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