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“Hello all you Bravo watchers. I’m Andy Cohen and welcome to Watch What Happens Live. We’ll return you to Real Housewives of Flint in just a moment, but here with me are Bob Weir and John Mayer from the hottest band in the land, Dead & Company.”

“Thanks for having us, Andy.”

“Who’s John?”

“You guys are on tour as we speak playing to sold-out stadiums, so thanks for taking the time to come visit our little show.”

“Anything for you, buddy.”

“We have a Time Sheath, so–”

“Bobby, let’s not–”

“–it’s not really a problem.”

“–talk about the time machine on television.”

“I’ll just zip back and not say it.”

“You are continuing to casually talk about time travel.”

“Do you two need a minute?”

“We literally have all the time in the world. Y’see, we have this device–”