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The silver fox that Bobby is telling Jimi Hendrix stories to is Andy Cohen, who ran the Bravo channel for a long while and now has a talk show on the network. Older Enthusiasts might remember that Bravo used to show operas and jazz concerts, and that no one watched it. Andy had the idea of being much less deep and far more gay, and now lots and lots of people watch it. Andy created all those shows where the most awful women in a particular city throw wine at one another. Andy is rich as fuck.

He’s also a Deadhead and he wrote a touching essay about his trip to Santa Clara (with his buddy Young John Mayer) and what it was like being gay on tour back in the 80’s. Go read it.

Tonight–in just a few minutes, actually–he’ll be hosting Bobby and Young John Mayer on Watch What Happens Live, which will not be live because Dead & Company are playing right now, and also you can’t have any Grateful Deads on a live call-in show. Hippies start calling up and talking foolishness.


  1. Wait. I didn’t realize you didn’t make up the EarthRoamer thing.

  2. Young John Mayer just messed up US blues lyrics.

    Is that the first time he messed up?

  3. That was an interesting watch. Enjoyed that young Mr. Mayer was proactive and dictated tempo for Friend of the Devil

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