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We Are The Beneficiaries

Enthusiasts, I am a licensed and bonded Funkateer, but this one’s new to me, too. Technically, it’s a Bernie Worrell solo album, but it was the same bunch of guys making the Parliament and Funkadelic records.

Check this out. It’s the same song as Aquaboogie, or Funkentelechy, or any other over-ten minute jam from P-Funk, but those are all very good songs, so another one won’t hurt.


  1. I’m going with “Motor Booty Affair” as the Berniest album jam. And “A Joyful Process” as the best song length testimonial of his arranging and playing prowess. Also love his organ work on “Super Stoopid.” It hangs with any of the heavy organ bands of the era.

  2. I was just checking this out on YouTube before you posted, apparently there is a debate over whether Bootsy played on it uncredited?

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