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We Came To Learn A Secret

Neil Diamond was better at The Last Waltz than Neil Young. You are free to have a differing, and incorrect, opinion.


  1. I’ve seen Mr Young recently with a few of Willie Nelsons sons and he rocked quite hard. That being said, Mr Diamond does kinda own this piece.

  2. ok NO. why u hate Neil Young so much

  3. Luther Von Baconson

    February 15, 2016 at 12:48 pm

    he’s no Carol Burnett

  4. maybe Neil Diamond was better because he didn’t have those large rocks stuck in his mustache

  5. So glad to hear you say that. Neil Diamomd did very little wrong from 1967-76. And his recent Rick Reuben albums are great too.
    Besides, Ron Tutt went from drumming for Presley and Garcia to Neil Diamond.
    Luckiest drummer ever.

  6. Luther Von Baconson

    February 15, 2016 at 1:45 pm

    “hey man, mind if i finish the set by myself?”

  7. Of the two Neils, I think Neil D was the more style impaired. Consider, for example, Neil Y’s pre-war Martin D-28, claimed to have once been owned by Hank Williams, compared to Neil D’s bowl-back. Don’t get me started on Neil D’s stage outfits.

  8. You’re wrong. And I can get down with Neil Diamond.

    Somewhere I read that as Diamond walked offstage he passed Dylan all tuned up to go out and said something like, “good luck following that,” and Dylan replied that he’d have to fall asleep on stage to surpass Diamond.

  9. Though I love Neil D, I will call bullshit on him in that when once asked about The Last Waltz he said he wanted to be with his family for Thanksgiving, so he arrived in time for his song and split right after.
    Really? Well, there he is at the finale singing “I Shall Be Releaded”. And that backstage photo he seems to be happily hanging with Dylan and Ron Wood.
    I bet the Dylan comment is rock myth, and if is true is a result of inflated cocaine egos.
    After all, just a year or so afterwards, Dylan consulted Neil Diamond’s team in regards to how he (Dylan) could appeal to a more MOR audience like Diamond.
    The result is heard on Live at Buddokan (1978) which, like Self Portrait is one of those “uncool” albums you’re not supposed to like, but which I love. Some really fucked up arrangements. “All I Really Wanna Do” sounds like it was arranged for the Muppets.

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