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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Websites That Need to Go Fuck Themselves

  • Reddit.
  • Gawker.

That’s it for now.


  1. you fucker. went and made me google Gawker. you are correct though, it sucks. Dont like teenagers run reddit now>?

  2. 3) Buzzfeed
    4) Pitchfork

    • pitchfork with a lineup of
      Moses Sumney
      “O Superman” (Laurie Anderson Cover)
      Moses Sumney: “O Superman” (Laurie Anderson Cover) (via SoundCloud)
      Ultimate Painting
      “(I’ve Got the) Sanctioned Blues”
      Ultimate Painting: “(I’ve Got the) Sanctioned Blues” (via SoundCloud)
      Julia Holter
      “Feel You”
      Dilly Dally
      Dilly Dally: “Desire” (via SoundCloud)
      “At the Endless Party”
      Lower: “At the Endless Party” (via SoundCloud)
      Cold Beat
      Cold Beat: “Cracks” (via SoundCloud)
      “Two Urns”
      Windhand: “Two Urns” (via SoundCloud)
      “Them Changes”
      Thundercat: “Them Changes” (via SoundCloud)
      “The Sun Rising” (The Beloved Cover)
      HÆLOS: “The Sun Rising” (The Beloved Cover) (via SoundCloud)
      “Nasty Grrls”
      Childbirth: “Nasty Grrls” (via SoundCloud)
      “Laws of Intrigue”
      Screature: “Laws of Intrigue” (via SoundCloud)
      Axel Boman
      Thank GOD i am old

  3. That hat truly belongs in the possession of John Waters.

  4. That’s a first-world list of sites that need to go fuck themselves.

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