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Weir Not Alone



Oh, yeah. No doubt in my mind.

Walk me through your thinking.

You’ll notice that what I will now begin to refer to as “The Mothership” without any evidence is purple?

I did notice that.

Classic alien right there: fuckers love purple.


If a Roman Senator was a Prince fan, he wouldn’t love purple as much as aliens.


The shakiness?


A by-product of simultaneous existence in five dimensions, seven bimensions, and two trimensions.

That sounds confusing.

M.C. Escher draws their pornography.

Wow. Keep going.

They’re at a Dead show, so this is further evidence. Aliens love the jams, man.

Aren’t you usually the sober, Fred Ward-like character?

Not when it comes to aliens, brother. I gotta spread the gospel to the sheeple.

I guess we all get one thing.


Can we narrow down the identification any further?

Off-hand, we might be dealing with Cat People of Felicidae IV.

Throne-world to the Felis Empire?

You’ve heard of it?

People like telling me things.

This is, of course, Phil’s actual birth-place and they like to keep tabs on their boy.


Beyond that, I can’t be sure.

What can you be sure of?

Like, absolutely and completely?



Good to know.


  1. Robin Russell

    July 14, 2015 at 3:31 am

    There is a slight flaw in the reasoning here. Unless the aliens entered the 4D locus in 2000 and turned right instead of left.

  2. You do know that the band and the crew that they once supported and that once supported them maintain a private website with a blog maintained by hunter and barlow called thoughts on thoughts on the dead (musings on the most ridiculous blog that they can not stop reading)

    Well I have heard from my sources that tototd had very little material comment on your recent carnality, hunter quoted some of the cock ring stuff with a title of “Z rated Scenes you create” but he was just trying to reignite an old fight he had with Barlow in 1985.

    The thoughts on thoughts on dead sex toys has been minimal.

    The bunny post had them going for days, the blimps should lead to a new flurry of tototd activity. The cock ring post.. not so much.

    just sayin..


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