Thoughts On The Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Weir, Wolf

IMG_1565Hey, Bobby.

“Grrr. Rrrrr. Shnarl.”


“Nargle nargle nargle woof.”

Stop that.

“I’m a–”


“–Weirwolf. Aw. Why can’t you be any fun?”

It would be more fun for everybody if you would move your left hand about five or six inches to the left.

“Well, like I told you: it’s tough to play slide guitar when you can’t see well.”

Funny how something always impedes your vision when you pick that thing up.

“Once, I was in the middle of a slide solo during Walkin’ Blues and Mickey threw Sea Monkeys in my eyes.”

“Didn’t I turn into a werewolf for real once?”

No. That was the punchline of the whole thing.



“Wasn’t that thing, like, five chapters?”

Something like that.

“And the punchline was ‘nothing happened?'”

Seems so.

“Funny how you’re not getting paid for this.”




  1. Wow, Bobby playing an Ibanez Musician. I’d never seen that.

    • This shot is from the May 11 “mescaline show.” Wasn’t Cowboy Fancy in the shop around then for a refit?

      I also might never have seen Bobby in black before, as well

  2. Springfield 78? Not sure I’ve ever listened. Worth it?

    Won’t wait for your answer, I’m off.

    In the meantime:

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