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We'll Build Ourselves Another Town

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1974 was a good year for long-forgotten member of the road crew Precarious Lee. He had been promoted to Safetey Man (sic because Parish made up the title and is not a great speller,) and Playgirl magazine had reacted favorably to his test shots. Not so favorably, however, to his surprise visit to the offices with his dick out.

Win some, lose some, permanently cripple some, Precarious Lee always said. He also said “Look out!” and “Good enough for rock and roll,” and “I’ll introduce you to Phil if you slobber my johnson. Garcia if you look me in the eyes while you do it.”

As Safetey Man, his first job was slashing the budget. One of his ideas can be seen in the photo above: the complete and total elimination of any safety gear whatsoever. Precarious Lee has also taught the quippie on the bottom the Precarious method for lifting things: 100% back. Lock those knees and put all the weight on the lower back.


  1. Could Precarious be a descendant from the First Family of Virginia?

  2. “ow, ow, ow.”

  3. The only reason the band never shitcanned Precarious or any of his ideas was due mainly to the fact that he claimed to be Stagger’s nephew.

  4. More (than you want) on Precarious Lee

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