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Went Back Home With Two Black Guys

There are many things to get to, and we will cover all of them in due time, but first: Sammy Hagar and the TRI Try-Hards try their hand at Loose Lucy; it’s pretty good, actually.

It might be better than Garcia’s version, simply for the fact that I never liked hearing Garcia sing about humping. Plus, the keyboard player from the the guy from Talking Heads who is not Bernie Worrell.


  1. Notice the “Take Me to the River” nod. Jerry Harrison gets to relive that former glory.

  2. That is nice, thanks.

    Jerry Harrison on keys is pretty good. Noticed the “take me to the river” thanks for pointing that out.

    What is Jerry Harrison up to lately ?

  3. Tangential: Was able to see Bernie Worrell play about a year or so ago. It was like hanging out with your grandpa for an evening, if your grandpa was one of the coolest god damn dudes on the planet, who also brought the funk. He played Take Me to the River and introduced it as a song “by some old friends of his,” while doing Byrne’s arm-chopping motion.

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