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We’re Guilty Of The Same Old Thing

You may be Saturday’s child all-grown
Moving with a tinge of grace
You may be a clown in the burying ground
Or just another pretty face

P.S. I know this woman. We were friends a lifetime or two ago. She never struck me as a fibber.


  1. i think that most of these women are telling the truth. which is a sad sad thing. why does it happen over and over? these men — some of them — are good guys. why did they do it? did they think it was ok? are we applying today’s eyes and vocabulary to old behavior? is that a bad thing, or completely fair?

    • By definition, they are not good guys; look at what they did. And we’re not applying today’s standards to old behaviour. It’s always been wrong to grab women without their consent. The only thing that’s changed is that women have gained a tiny bit of power which makes it a tiny bit easier for them to not have to put up with men’s shit anymore.

  2. he squeezed her?

    I give up

  3. I just looked up the word “waist”: the part of the human body below the ribs and above the hips. And this woman is questioning someone else’s credibility?
    She’s only damaging the cause of women with legitimate complaints. If Franken truly touched her inappropriately she should say so.

    • Thoughts On The Dead

      December 8, 2017 at 1:42 am

      What part of “Keep your hands to yourself” is so difficult?

    • It strikes me as a bit odd to complain about someone squeezing your waist while taking a photo with them. (Due to poor reading comprehension, my first time through the article I thought she said below the waist, i.e. butt-cheek, and was totally with her). There’s a lot of grey area when grabbing someone around the waist. For this reason, I throw the Mike Pence and go for the shoulders when putting my arm around a woman who is not my wife.
      But I think the point is that she felt it was inappropriate. And she’s in the best position to say whether it was a friendly arm on the waist or a butt play.
      Al’s not history’s greatest monster. He’s ambiguous, and still a net positive. But if a few decent people fall so we draw some lines giving women better odds of pursuing life without occasional unwanted ass-grabbing, dickviewing, rape and other forms of Weinsteinery, so be it.
      (Sorry to take your website further into the depths of debate, TOTD).

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