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We’re Having A Party

jm rando 1

Hey, John Mayer. Whatcha doing?

“Oh, I’m worthy of a ‘Whatcha doing?’ now?’ You’re coming around on me.”

I’ve grown accustomed to the situation.

“Six of one.”

Got yourself a rando?

“Dude, you know that I was, like, famous as shit long before I even heard of the Dead, right? I’ve had more randos than a Japanese Star Wars cosplay convention.”

Nice one.

“Had it in my pocket.”


“I’m used to randos.”

“Okay, there’s a shit-ton more lately.”

Like moths to a flame, so is the rando to a Grateful Dead.

“They’re everywhere. Don’t get me wrong: they’re all pretty chill. But you can’t turn around.”

Occupational hazard.

“I keep finding them in the Earthroamer.”

That might be Soup.

“Dude, if it were Soup, I would have said I found Soup in the Earthroamer. I know Soup, man.”

Have you found Soup in the Earthroamer?

“Multiple times.”


“I don’t even know how he’s doing it. Guy’s the opposite of an escape artist.”

I think of him more as a vehicular hermit crab.

“Bobby’s thinking about putting a sniper on the roof of his tour bus.”

He should call Phil and have him send out a busboy.


Storyline you weren’t part of.


When’s your app coming out?




  1. Mike & Gloria Gonna Be My Name

    June 22, 2016 at 2:16 am

    Book idea: Where’s Rando? Same as Where’s Waldo except now you circle everyone on the page except for the formerly titular character.

  2. Vehicular hermit crab…..!!!!!! Hajajajajaja

  3. Does Josh Mayer have a brother? They look like they could be brothers.
    A question without research in keeping with ToTD tradition.

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