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What A Klan

The Cascadian Crusader, Mr. Completely, hips us all to this little-known gem from Linda Lyndell. I won’t lie to you, Enthusiasts: I know all the words to the Salt and Pepa version of this tune, and have for decades, but it never occurred to me to look for the original, or that there was even an original at all. I thought the chorus was just some shit Spindarella came up with.

Here’s the fun part of the story: Linda Lyndell, as you can see, is a white lady. She sang black, like Dusty Springfield or Teena Marie, but Dusty was from London and Teena was Rick James’ girlfriend. Linda cut this record for Isaac Hayes in 1968, in the very same studio where Mrs. Donna Jean sang backup for Elvis, and then she went back to Gainesville, Florida, where she lived with her parents. The single hit #50, and then the Klan came to Linda’s house, where she lived with her parents. She left the music business, and didn’t perform in public again for 35 years.

When people say “Make America Great Again,” that’s the America they’re talking about.


  1. How the hell did I know know the S&P version was a cover? This is amazing. Thank you Mr. Completely.

  2. Agreed this is amazing,

    This whole racism and election cliffhanger is making me literally sick.

  3. Thanks for this, I spread it around .

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