Continuing in the vein of yesterday’s admittedly over-enthused and amply-worded jeremiad (would a jeremiad about the Dead be a Jerrymiad?) about an overlooked gem, TotD returns to plains well-plowed: May ’77, specifically 5/18/77 from the Fox Theater in Atlanta, which–going strictly by the historical record–was one of the Dead’s power places that Phil was always ranting about before demanding you come dowsing with him again.

fox theater

Opened two months after the Depression hit and facing bankruptcy two years later that, the Fabulous Fox was always a mess, but she was too beautiful to let die.

Fox Theatre Atlanta Georgia USA

Represented by a pick from both Dick and Dave (the only venue with that achievement to its name), the Fox played host to almost a dozen great Dead shows. The 18th is one of them: check out the sinuous Jack-A-Roe and feel free to shake your booty. Shake anything you want: you’re God’s perfect little angel and your money’s no good here, you know that, Uncle Ashtabula.

Time for bed?


*I couldn’t help myself.