I’ve had it, Enthusiasts. I’m calling motherfuckers out. I am calling motherfuckers out like a something with a something calls out another something.

Great metaphor.

It was a simile.

It wasn’t that, either.

If you replace the “somethings” with the right words, then that’s a really funny joke.

That’s your job.

Shut up and let me complain about Pitchfork.

Oh, I didn’t know this was about Pitchfork. I’ll be quiet.

Thank you. CALLING YOU OUT, PITCHFORK. This is the second time in two weeks you’ve done the same bullshit, and I simply won’t tolerate it. Yet again, you’ve published an article which does not suck, and that’s not what you do, Pitchfork: you’re terrible.

But this is not. A well-written (and properly lengthed) piece about the Talking Heads, and their twitchy and fragile route to the Remain in Light album. One of Twitter’s leading Rock Nerds and FoTotD, Tyler Wilcox, wrote it and there’s a half-dozen obscure videos from the Heads embedded in the article. Go read it.