Thoughts On The Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

What Was Jerry Band, Alex?

Other Guinness Records Held by the Dead:

  • Most keyboardists killed.
  • World’s highest man.
  • Greatest number of dog biscuits balanced on nose. (19, Otis.)
  • Hotel rooms burnt, accidental.
  • Hotel rooms burnt, intentional.
  • “Hotel rooms” burnt, metaphorical.
  • Fried shrimps thrown across a Red Lobster parking lot into mouth. (83, the drummers – Mickey throwing and Billy catching.)
  • Most Godchauxes. (Two.)


  1. what is a “documented” concert?

  2. Thought DSO surpassed Jerry’s Band…must not have been as diligent with the red tape.
    Other possible guinness book of clothing records :
    1. Shortest shorts worn by a dyslexic rhythm guitarist.
    2. Fewest number of t-shirts worn by a lead guitarist over a 30 year career.
    3. Most promotional band t-shirts worn by a drummer (and still counting).

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