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What’s In The Box?

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 9.54.07 PM

Mallet quiver.

Also: Mickey’s just trolling us at this point. He knows that as long as he makes up a cockamamie story about God being a drum stool or whatever, then he can whack on anything he wants and call it a drum.

What the hell are those things? A Necessarily Abridged Conjecture:

  • Cedar chests for all the Dead & Co t-shirts Mickey plans on yoinking over the tour.
  • Furious raccoons formed union and demanded an upgrade from the duffel bag.
  • Precarious stopped by; Mickey let him balance some heavy bullshit at a dangerous angle for old time’s sake.
  • For Tom Cruise to stand on. (He was going to come out for Bird Song.)
  • Home to a disembodied hand that acts as Mickey’s servant.
  • Contains sacred dirt from Mickey’s homeland of Drumsylvania; if separated from this holy earth, Mickey would lose his spectral powers and Drums would only be twenty minutes that night.
  • They’re Skinner boxes.
  • Oh, dear Lord: Benjy might be in one of those.


  1. That is an actual instrument: the cajon (literally, box). It was invented in the caribbean. Most of the people I’ve seen playing them do so by sitting on the top and playing the sides with their bare hands.

  2. BTW I saw Benjy, momentarily, at the Fillmore on May 23. He did show and visible signs of his ordeal.

  3. (delete the previous, please! Typos!)

    BTW I saw Benjy, momentarily, at the Fillmore on May 23. He did not show any visible signs of his ordeal.

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