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What’s The Difference?

I did not vote for Mitt Romney, and I did not like the man much. His ideas, I believed, were incorrect and founded on faulty assumptions about the world. Personally, he was the embodiment of every hack BET comics’ observations about the uptight white man, and he mistreated a dog one time.

But at no point did I ever believe he was unqualified to be the President. He had been the governor of Massachusetts, and the state had not blown up or defaulted during his tenure, nor was he indicted. In fact, he had pushed through a near-universal health care plan for the state, and reduced its deficit. (He left office with a 34% approval rating, but that’s quadruple what anyone in office has at the moment.)

I would have hated a Romney administration, and on Inauguration Day would have worried about where the country would be in four years; I would not, though, have wondered if the country would still be there in four years.

That’s the difference.

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