Here is the show (well, most of it, the good parts, definitely) that proves all my theories and makes all those lonely nights worth it. (No, it doesn’t. Nothing can bring that time back, nothing at all.)

My beliefs and theories, possibly a postulate:

3/28/72 (Dick’s Picks, Vol. 30–you know where to get it.) was the greatest show the Dead ever played (this week).

The shows around great shows are often better than the great shows themselves.

Therefore, 3/21/72 is greater than the greatest show ever played.

March 21, 1972 at the Academy of Music in New York. Making some pocket money for the Grand Tour. There is a great moment in The Other One, about 8:00 in: listen to Bobby try and steer them into Me and My Uncle only to get CRUELLY DENIED BY PHIL. It’s like a Dkembe Mtumbo thing. And then, Bobby’s gotta sing like a minute after and he’s all mopey, “Spanish lady awww.” Oh, and sweet hallelujah, go listen Pig sing his blues on Two Souls in Communion.

AND HOLY SHIT, HERE’S 3/23/72 WHICH IS EVEN BETTER. You go LISTEN, you monkeyass. And then you come back here and you say, thank you for providing. You are The Father and you Provide for The Children. (Shit, I would love to be a cult leader. You get four or five good fun years before they come get you.) But, really: go listen to the Dark Star, but I warn you: the Dark Star is so powerful that whatever position you held re: the existence of God prior to hearing it will change with just one listen.