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When Billy The Kid Came To Town

billy joel bwHey, Billy Joel. Whatcha do–

“Cut the shit. What is this?”

What do you mean?

“Why am I here? No one wants this.”

Sure they do.

“This pleases no one. Move on from the topic of me.”

Can I at least link to the great Nick Paumgarten’s 2014 article on you?

“You just did.”

I’m kind of in charge.

“Please. Find a new shiny thing. Again: no one wants this.”

I guess. Hey, did Nick call you a genius?

“No, he wrote about my many houses, boats, super-model ex-wives, top-ten hits, and the helicopter ride we shared to the basketball arena I had sold out that night.”

Oh, that’s better.

“Way better. Move on.”


  1. Donna Jean wouldn’t have given him a second glance.

  2. The one and only Tuck Andress with a nice jazz arrangement of Just the Way You Are when he was just a kid back in the late 80’s.

    • Grateful Dead connection; Tuck Andress’ wife and musical partner, Patti Cathcart, was in the formative version of Kingfish with Matthew Kelly and Dave Torbert, circa 1974.

      Really. Patti Cathcart had been in Kelly’s blues band, “33,” which backed traveling blues musicians like T-Bone Walker, in 1972 and 73.. She was also a sort of adjunct member of a parallel band, Lonesome Janet, which played in the Santa Cruz Mountains around that time. That band featured Kelly, Robbie Hoddinott, Chris Herold and others, and was an early “jam band,” playing 20-minute choogly jams to dancing stoned hippies.

      When Torbert joined the ashes of Lonesome Janet, replacing the existing bass player (Michael Lewis), they became Kingfish. Cathcart was always welcome to show up, and sang along sometimes, probably on the blues numbers. By the time Weir got on board later in ’74, Patti had moved on.

      Still, in 1980-81, there was another iteration of Kingfish, with Weir and Torbert, and a sax player and so on. Patti Cathcart and another woman were the backup singers. If you know how to navigate to Dave Torbert’s widow’s FB page, you can see a picture.

      • Good God Man… thanks for the Tuck Andress vid.

        I never knew about him, lost in Tuck and Patti vids now.

      • This man is an American treasure.

      • Nice history lesson as usual Corry.
        Have you ever seen any pics / vids of Patti w T-Bone Walker?

        I started taping them back in 1985 when they used to play the New Varsity in Palo Alto w Michael Hedges.
        Those were some great times w sparse crowds of less than 20 people.
        And yeah, Tuck had jaw-dropping monster chops even back then.

        Patti is still good friends with Matt Kelly. They played a benefit a couple years ago.
        She told me that in the early 80’s, T&P ended up buying a bunch of Kingfish monitors and speakers that they were able to use in their home studio and on the road.

    • Very nice, ToTD you have some of the best commenters on the interwebs…….myself excluded (but I have fun).

  3. corry342 strikes again…is it a treasure trove of music knowledge or excellent research? Either way, I remain impressed and informed.

  4. Now I am also embarrassed, just figured out corry342 is lost live dead.

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