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When I Stack My Masterpiece

The word “masterpiece” is more literal than you might have realized. The guilds of the past–which became the unions of the present–worked on a tiered system: you entered the trade as an apprentice, and then became a craftsman, and a journeyman. To earn the rank of master required that you produce a piece that respected members of the guild would judge.

And this, Enthusiasts, is Precarious Lee’s masterpiece. Notice the lack of symmetry along any plane whatsoever; the waggish nonchalance towards gravity; the duck is upside down. It might be the upside-down duck that pushes this tableaux into the realm of Art.

Those are geese.

Ducks are geese. Multiple names for the same animal. Like puma and cougar and panther and mountain lion all means the same cat, or buffalo and bison, or octopus and squid.

Stop typing.


  1. Ducks. Definitely ducks.

  2. Ironically, this may well be your masterpiece.

  3. Because your first sentence inspired me and because I don’t know whom to tell…

    The word literal is less literal than you may have realized. It came as bit of shock to me that Webster recently added a new definition to the word literally.


    used for emphasis or to express strong feeling while not being literally true.
    “I have received literally thousands of letters”

    I mean, WTF? so the only word in the English language that means “exactly to the letter”, now also means “NOT exactly to the letter”. Wonderful.

  4. A lovely Mallard.

  5. Mergansers.

  6. Luther Von Baconson

    December 29, 2016 at 9:22 am

    un canard

  7. It’s entirely possible that some well-meaning rookie on the crew put the ducks on there to remind everyone which side was up.

    Poor kid.

  8. The cord coming from the top speaker looks tightly strained, which I am sure is a good thing

  9. I coiled garcia’s cables once, this was 1988 or so, locals hired to set up and tear down stage.

    I can positively state that by 1988 garcia’s guitar cables where handled with care.

    Over loop followed by under loop so unrolled with no twist.

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