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When the Smoke Has Cleared, She Said

billy trixie joint speaking

Billy wanted to smoke the joint in public, so people knew that he enjoyed marijuana.

Also: Trixie does not trust any of the sketchy fuckers in this place and chose to bring her purse onstage with her.


  1. “My mom LITERALLY WROTE THE BOOK on how to grow top quality herb but all you stupid fucks want to talk about is how cool my dad was”

  2. Something is dreadfully wrong..

    Just like that line, wonder if it has ever been a blog post title.

  3. How did you miss this Bob?

    “I got this itch in my neck”

  4. I am indepted to that purse.

    Also, Billy is beginning a trustfall and doesn’t realize Benji can’t catch him when he’s locked inside a HighTimes box.

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