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Where The Meet Hits The Street



“Sure, Bruce?”

“Did you invite all these people to join the Dead?”

“Sure did, Bruce.”

“And did you bring Vince here with the Time Sheath technology?”


“And Phil is where?”

“It’s raining, and he didn’t want to get the Ferrari wet. I’m sure one of these folks plays bass.”


“Yeah, Bob?”

“Um…you know about Time Sheath technology?”

“Dude, the first week I was in the band, you shanghaied me back to the 20’s to double-team Amelia Earhart.”

“Now I remember. She was a fun gal.”


“Does Billy look like a founding father?”

“Yes, he does.”


  1. “We’re waiting for the activities director and the assistant nurse to accompany us to the pool for our underwater aerobics class today. Since were beginners, please forgive us for being a little anxious, okay.”

  2. oh nooooooes, the lavender i-zod (not purple), the leg cross (hiding the mayo-spud mix) and this curious gent to his left? all of this pluse that lean in suggests a BIcycle buddy…..

  3. Where’s Spike? Where’s the mule? Who stole the 40 acres? Justice now!

  4. Disaster Amnesiac

    March 4, 2015 at 9:16 am

    Bill: “….must…punch….dick…..must….punch….dick….”
    Vince: “…god DAMN I’m tired of gettin’ punched in the dick by that guy…”
    Mickey: “….I’m manifesting my internal feminine as Joan Rivers….”

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