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Who Are You Wearing, Pigpen?

pigpen die shirt.jpg

Hey, Pig. Whatcha doing?

“Shootin’ some shit, and drinkin’ some wine! And apparently volunteerin’!”

For what?

“Someone yelled out, ‘Who got them blues?’ and I raised my hand, and then this happened. I’m just goin’ with the flow!”

You’d be amazed how many guys have your facial hair now.

“The Pig is fashion forward! Look how awesome I look!”

You do. Where do you even get your clothes? Creepy Ernie’s hasn’t opened yet.

“Yoinked the shirt!”


“The jacket…huh. Dunno. It’s mine, now! Sewed on the patches myself, that means it’s mine!”


“Stole it!”


“Vee gave it to me for my birthday! Tells good time.”

What kind of watch is it?


Only right answer.

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  1. Pigpen was a first aid volunteer.

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