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Who Says A Funk Band Can’t Play Rock Music?

Valued Commentator JES, whose writing can be found here, adds far more than two cents when he reminds us that P-Funk could do Led Zeppelin a hell of a lot better than Zep could. Bernie’s on the Hammond B3, and if anyone else played the same notes he chose, the notes would be wrong. Bernie made the dissonance work, though: check out the demonic calliope at a minute in.

(By the way: Eddie Hazel was the greatest guitarist of all time. No “Best EVAR” snark. He just was.)


  1. RE: “Eddie Hazel was the greatest guitarist of all time.” Sometime in the 90s or so, Guitar Player magazine had a really nice, long feature on the guitarists of P-Funk. If anyone has seen that shit scanned somewhere, I would LOVE to read it again. And so would you.

  2. You can click my initials in this comment header for the actual here . . .

    Glad to see all the Bernie love here. Man was mighty. It would be amazing if he and Pig met in a semi-fictional universe somewhere.

    Just saying.

    I’ll wait here.


  3. You know this is Eddie on lead vox here too, right?

    The man could sing, too!

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