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Whoopee Wednesday: Part Three: The Dirty Talkening

Inappropriate Dirty Talk:

  • Baby, my dong’s the IRS and I’m about to audit that butthole.
  • Jumanji!
  • Peter Shapiro!
  • While some of the criticism of Hillary Clinton is obviously misogynistic blather, we shouldn’t disregard her spotty record of corruption and warmongering.
  • Honey, have you always had this mole?
  • Your dick is much bigger than your brother’s.
  • I’m Batman.
  • Wow, your nipples are odd.
  • You’re being secretly recorded.
  • Pick a card, any card.
  • Is Elie Wiesel still alive?
  • This is the best family reunion ever!


  1. “Bazinga!”

  2. “That beav is on fleek”

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