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Why Are These Men Laughing?

img_3180There aren’t many photos of Bear, not compared to his friends, and not enough for the impact he had on huge swaths of American society. He built the Wall of Sound. (Others helped, but Bear would gladly take credit for it.) He invented the Paleo Diet. Bear was also both the best and worst drug dealer that ever lived: best because his name was a mark of quality; and worst because everyone knew his name.

Once Steely Dan writes a song about you, it’s time to go legit.

Or, get out of town. Bear took “getting out of town” to operatic levels, moving to the part of Australia so desolate and barren that even the Aborigines stayed away from it.

There was gas in the car.

Anyway, it’s the Bear’s birthday today, so jam some mind-altering chemicals you ordered off the innertubes up your butt and raise a cheek to the man.

Also: no matter how many photos of the man I see, Bear will always be played by Curtis “Booger” Armstrong in my mind.

Also also: this pic was sent to me by Jesse Jarnow, whose new book Heads features the Bear, and can be pre-ordered right here.

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