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Why Is This Couch So Lumpy?

band 1977 levitting donna

From left to right:

  • Billy’s clearly mid-fart.
  • Garcia is gently cupping two imaginary sets of testicles: it was something he did that tour and you had to put up with it. On the next tour, however, he progressed to resolutely milking two imaginary wangshafts and a meeting was called.
  • Bobby is staring at you like a gold digger eying gold, or a silver miner looking at silver, or a metaphor writer getting meta.
  • Keith needs to give my Aunt Yetta her sunglasses back.
  • Holy shit, Mickey. You look like the cashier at the supermarket whose line I don’t want to be in.
  • Mrs. Donna Jean is fine of fettle; she has a well-turned calf; a dewy lip and loamy of loins. She is mysterious and smells like expensive shampoo and Seconals.
  • Phil is going at himself two-handed over there.

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  1. Keith’s scarves, man. Keith’s scarves.

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