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Why Is This Week Different Than Any Other Week?

No one knows the exact year the Days Between began, but we do know the story: the Grateful Dead were surrounded by Roman soldiers, or maybe Greeks possibly. Under siege, the Dead believed that they only had enough Garcia to last for one day, but the Garcia lasted for eight days and nights, which is why we–


For only a week in August, Sirius-B (the Dog Star) becomes visible in the northern hemisphere. Also in August are the Perseid meteor shower. Garcia, being a keen amateur astronomer, noticed that the “days between” these events were fraught with weirdness and wonder, so he–


Garcia’s rap name was Daze B. Tween, and–

Stop that.

A few years ago, the lawyer for the Garcia estate–in conjunction with whichever wife got veto power in the will–figured out a clever way to sell a few more t-shirts.

There you go.

You think the guy who came up with this Days Between foolishness also came up with the phrase “the Core Four”?

I guaran-fucking-tee it.


  1. “core four” fits on a tshirt better than “core three plus the one invited guest (besides Hornsby) who didn’t die”

  2. Shouldn’t it be the Core Three + Mickey ? He wasn’t a Warlock so he’s gonna have to wait a couple of years for his 50th.

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