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Wish I Was A Headlight

jerry startled


Y’know what you won’t read in David Paumgarten’s sure-to-be excellent liner notes to the upcoming Dave’s Picks? What you won’t read in Dennis “I am lying to you” McNally’s glossy time about the band? (That was honestly his fraternity nickname: it’s branded into his ass.) How about a fact you won’t barely almost kinda make out over the wind, waves, and psychotic homeless men screaming in the background of David Lemiueueixiuex’s latest video-chat?

It’s this: Garcia was 1/8th White-Tailed Deer. You couldn’t tell from looking at his face, but if you shined a light in his eyes at night, he would freeze up and there was nothig he could do about it.


  1. Hi Justin, I’m trying to find out who’s music that is in the intermission of night 3 Fare Thee Well Chicago. I was at Friday and Sat and bought Sunday night PPV and recorded it. Every time it comes on it sounds great. Just wanted to know who the artists are and where I can find the music. Thank you Curt Fischer

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