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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Won’t You Dance With Me?

The Problem Attic has the best jukebox: there’s Mexicali and Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl and Hot Child in the City and the entire Led Zeppelin catalog. This one, too: Sweet Pea, by Tommy Roe, features the best of LA’s studio killers providing a fragile and white funk under the simplistic lyrics, and they do a lot with a rather minor piece of music. (There were two drummers on the song; one of their names was Toxie French, and that is the greatest name I’ve ever heard.)

Plus, the video features Tommy pawing a clearly-underage girl for a minute or two, so maybe you should watch this with your Incognito setting on.


  1. This Toxie French fellow has connections to Zevon, Survivor, Midnight Cowboy……and an awesome name.

  2. “Morning Girl” by the Neon Philharmonic is on this side of the line; / “Clare”, by Gilbert O’Sullivan, is on the other side, and banished to the outer darkness.

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