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Words: Important

If you change the line in El Paso to “I felt the boner go deep in my chest,” then you have an entirely different song.


    • Bobby Allison and the “Alabama Gang.” Old days they are not forgotten.

      • I’m pretty sure that this is the 1971 World 600. Marty running a ’69 Dodge Charger, started 19th, finished 15th. Pretty good for a “Gentleman Racer.”

        Presumably Robbins’ car was run out of the Allison Brothers shop in Hueytown, AL, based on the decal. Bobby and Donnie Allison finished 1-2 themselves. Bobby led an incredible 303 of 400 laps in his Coca-Cola sponsored Holman-Moody ’69 Mercury. Brother Donnie Allison was the only other driver on the lead lap, in another ’69 Mercury (Wood Brothers, sponsored by Purolator).

        Plenty of other legends in the race besides Marty Robbins and the Allisons: Richard Petty (4th), Fred Lorenzen (5th), Buddy Baker (6th), Benny Parsons (7th), Bobby Isaac (32nd) and David Pearson (34th).

    • Bobby used to come to Canada (Cayuga) and race throughout the 70’s and early 80’s. To a pint size me it was like meeting Elvis.

  1. Corry here’s a link to where i found the pic, I haven’t read it yet but it looks interesting

    • this is great. In the days of yore, NASCAR teams recycled a lot of cars. The car in the link (a 71 Plymouth Roadrunner) finished 3rd in the 71 World 600 (between Donny A and Petty). It was later assigned to Marty Robbins in ’73, because that’s how things used to be.

      Interesting to hear that Bobby A ran up in Canada, because he ran the Winston West series in California when he could during the same period. The man just raced, raced, raced, whether he had to get on a plane or whatever. Kind of like Jerry, in a gearhead kind of way.

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