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World-Famous Guitar Center

You can poke around the Bonham’s site if you want: most of the lots in the 2012 Garcia auction were his artwork, or some of that tacky shit they plastered his artwork on, but there were some interesting little nuggets.

jerry rock kid guitar

This is a small-scale guitar Rock Scully bought for his kid to learn on; Garcia got wind that there was an unmodified guitar in his presence and flipped out, installing new pickups and a bridge that cost more than the entire instrument. Plus, he had the Stealie inlaid. By the time the upgrades were finished, Rock’s son was in grad school.

Here’s another guitar, a little more elaborate this time:

bobby ibanez jerry guitar

This was built by Bobby and the guys at Ibanez for Garcia, in hopes he’d start playing their guitars; he apparently found it too heavy, which is astonishing. Tiger weighed 1300 pounds and Garcia loved that thing, so how heavy must this sucker have been?

Those are cute, but if you want a real Garcia guitar, then dig in the couch for 300 grand worth of change and find a Time Sheath:

jerry travis bean

That, obviously, is the Travis Bean TB1000 that Garcia played in 1975, and I hope it makes Jim Irsay very happy. He is a deserving man.

And this:

Included is the custom-made black leather case (that only a TB1000 guitar fits in), with some of Garcia’s items still inside: his guitar strings, a tuning fork, a string winder, and an unopened pack of his non-filtered Camel cigarettes.

Unopened, man.


  1. Mean, Green, Devil Eating Machine

    June 3, 2016 at 3:25 pm

    I don’t remember him smoking Camels.

  2. so where has the Travis bean been all this time? At Rock scullys house?

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