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Yes, I Am

You almost certainly know this one: it’s Freddie Scott’s Are You Lonely For Me, Baby from the ’72 Academy of Music run; the Dead only played it once onstage, but listening to it again for the millionth time, I now believe that they only played it once, period. They simply don’t know how the song goes, but it’s close enough for rock and roll, and elegantly scruffed and nicked at the edges. Give it a whirl.


  1. Nice one! You are right, only once.

    This was from March 25th 1972, when the Dead, billed as “Jerry Garcia and Friends”, played a Hell’s Angels benefit with Bo Diddley. It was Mrs Donna Jean’s first show. A good chunk of this is on the awesome Dick’s Picks 30.

  2. Maybe they were listening to this?

  3. Or you could listen to an actually great version, like this one from early ’74

    He didn’t do it that much with Merl, but every time he did – or at least every version that survives on tape – he slaughtered it. That’s my favorite, but every version is great. The Dead version sound clunky and stilted in comparison I think.

    There are a few really great soul versions – Otis, Al Green, etc – I generally assume that Jerry was going off the Freddie Scott version of almost anything, since Freddie was clearly a favorite of his, but the non GD arrangement of it he plays seems pretty unique, slowed down and more of a smolder…

    great tune

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