bobby tank top jerry

Judging from the tie-dyed tank and white jeans, I at first assumed this to be Englishtown, but quickly realized: there’s no fucking way Bobby only rocked that outfit once. Look at the flare in those nostrils! That’s the confidence that only a tie-dyed tank and white jeans can bring.

*This post has been a paid advertisement for Uncle Lou’s Tie-Dyed Tank and White Jean Emporium. Uncle Lou’s Tie-Dyed Tank and White Jean Emporium: we only sell two thing, which do not go together, and in fact should not be worn by themselves. Also, our prices are outrageous and you will almost certainly overhear Uncle Lou use the N-word while shopping. On the other hand, parking is atrocious. Come visit us on Rt. 40 after they’ve finished construction!