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Yesterday I Begged You

In a comment on yesterday’s post, a Fellow Enthusiast upbraided me (and, though tone is tough to figure through in a tersely worded comment, I’d like to think it was an upbraiding of the gentle, friendly, get-back-on-track sort) for not including a link to a great show, choosing instead to link to seven minutes of Paul Stanley from KISS saying, quite literally, the gayest shit you’ve ever heard. Please understand that I am not using “gay” as a perjorative, instead deploying it strictly in the sense of wangs rubbing against each other and stuff. The phrase “Please put your man-parts on my man-parts and then hairy-kiss me,” would not have been quite as homoerotic as the stuff the Starchild was bleating about. It’s enough to make you think that the character of Tobias Funke was based on a certain Jewish rock star.

But, on the other hand, (as Garcia would say) we have 4-and-a-half fingers. So, here’s a show from a tour I’ve talked about before but haven’t linked to: prime Good Ol’ ’73 Dead from the College of William & Mary. Just start out with the little waves of sound that Garcia sends over the bow of China Cat and keep on listening. How bad could your day turn out with a ’73 horn show to listen to?


  1. I’m terse – sorry

  2. and you picked on my favorites – nice

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