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You Can Leave Your Hat Off

Anyone else assume that Stevie Ray Vaughn was way balder than this?

Also: holy shit, did Stevie have bad taste in snacks.


  1. Luther Von Baconson

    December 30, 2016 at 7:40 pm

    innaresting Suit Coat too.

  2. H it’s a hulluva drug

  3. Are you threatening a Joe Cocker New Years? Never knew that song was written by Randy Newman, but I was never a fan(great songwriter though)

    I would have assumed SRV was like his brother Jimmie and had a full head of hair. Though I don’t wish ill will on the departed, SRV is the most overrated guitar player ever(though he’s a great player-I just can’t stand his nasally thin tone and the chorus from Soul to Soul is beyond embarrassing). In that he got some people into guitar again instead listening to the Flock of Seagulls is fine, but he just never did it for me when he came out. I thought he was pretty cool on Bowie’s Let’s Dance, so as a 16 year old I was hoping for some new awesome guitarist-then all I got was a cocaine cowboy with a conch shell fetish.

    More Albert Collins please. Granted this an Albert Collins classic, but it’s a simple blues form and SRV loses his train of thought by the second turnaround because he probably needed some more rails for his concentration*. Even brother Jimmie’s solo goes somewhere and back where SRV is just making guitar faces as some form of guitar soloing. The legendary Albert Collins with the Brothers Vaughn:

    *SRV was more into coke than H as someone else opined-I believe his favorites were cocaine & Crown Royal. If he was a heroin addict, something more concentrated would have emanated from his fingers & mind. Cokeheads love frenetic music with too much top end information whereas heroin users are more groove oriented with more low end information. A junkie’s music will go down the toilet before they ever get up the effort to do anything frenetic. Even the punkers or metal heads who are on dope will be more concise & concentrated than those that are on coke. I never used coke or heroin, but years as a recording engineer has shown me the proclivities of each user.

    It should also be mentioned that heroin was real hard to find during the ’80s whereas you could find coke everywhere-think Iran Contra in regards to cocaine usage. It’s a akin to the current heroin epidemic that is happening simultaneously we’re at war in Afghanistan where poppy production is at an all time high. Ultimately buying & partaking in either substance has some attachment to war & subjugation.

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