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You Can Shave My Head

mickey bald 83

Another pic by David Gans, author of the long-time fave Playing in the Bandfollows up on the previous pic of Mickey in a schmucky hat to reveal that the hat’s purpose was to cover his freshly shorn skull, which Mickey has shaved for a reason known only to himself and the Lord, and quite frankly, even’s God’s a bit mystified.

Theories abound, however:

  • Aerodynamics.
  • Sexual purposes.
  • A drunken, manic Billy had snuck up behind him five or six times that afternoon with a battery-powered clipper and sheared jagged h0les out of his hair; this was the only thing Mickey could do.
  • He wanted his head to look more like a drum.
  • Took too many sleeping pills, shaved it off in a fugue state, woke up like that.
  • Lice.
  • Mickey had a side gig impersonating Henry Rollins at children’s parties, bar mitzvahs, and quinceneras.
  • Garcia accidentally set his hair on fire.
  • Sold his locks to get Billy a chain and fob for his pocket watch. Billy, though, had sold his pocket watch to get Mickey hair care products. And among gift-givers, they are the wisest. They are the drummers.
  • Just participated in the largest heist in Frisco history, he can’t leave town for 24 hours, and his picture is in every window. Mickey co-stars with Demi Moore in this summer’s funniest chase movie, San Francisco Blues!
  • Just broke up with Kevin Federline and the paparazzi won’t leave him alone.
  • Bobby was showing everyone how big a bubble he could blow and you can guess the rest.
  • Someone accused him of talking the talk; Mickey needed to prove that he walks the walk.


  1. Are we not gonna talk about the dong in his hand?

  2. Celebrating St. BaldMick’s Day?

  3. “Airports. Yea, that’s it. I’m going to live in an airport and hand out flowers.”

    Yea, it’s cliche’ but, what the fuck? So’s the coif.

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