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You Can Tell A Lot About Someone From Their Face

Phil Lesh, ca. 1980s.orgThis is the exact expression Phil made when he heard about this Dead & Company foolishness.


  1. ive never had so many fucking feelings over a BAND jfc

  2. First World spittle-fecked rage.

  3. Or run of the mill flatulence circa 1985.

  4. Mayer is going to solo all over Jerry and Trey. You watch, this hot young stud is going to have his way with the songs. Solo so good….Actually curious to see his take.

    • People are saying “Well I don’t like the Dead, but I’m excited for you!!!!!” Which is nice, but they’re not going to get John Mayer, they’re going to get the Dead. I mean yeah, I guess it will open their eyes…

  5. I don’t see why it is foolishness. I see it as part of the trans-generational transport process (GDTGTP). Or, to put it another way, BIODTL.

  6. Possible causes for the Phil Face
    1. Realized he’s playing a Carbon Fibre bass
    2.just heard the tapes from fare thee well
    3. teen girls freakout

    Just for the record Boogaloos comment is f-ing perfect!!!!

  7. Hey, still better than Warren Haynes.

    If it’s bad I won’t spin it. If it’s not, maybe I will, and at least they’re going with another non-Fake-Jerry.

    The legacy is not at stake. Period.

  8. If there are any more posts of screen dumps of whatever that is, I’m out of here.

  9. Okay…

    I am starting to Jones for a new post…

    have we scared TOTD away with our silliness?

    Was I too harsh on him for pickin on Mayer ?

    Was Maggie too emotional?

    Is the whole situation just too effed up to even continue blogging?

    Has he gone walrus on us?

    How do we get TOTD back?

    Where Spencer and boogaloo too on target with the gifs?

    Was it too much reality and not enough made up shit?

    What if he does not come back? What about Wally 2016?

    I friggin need Wally 2016 more than I needed Chicago.

    Hello… Hello…

    Is this like the hiatus in 1975.. do we have to wait till he writes his Terrapin?

    So confused…


  10. I’ve formed another opinion.

    John Gayer had better fucking BLOW everybody’s faces off. The Dead need to fucking bring it. All of the frat boys and girls who let men tell them to be silent who will attend the show expecting Mayer to be his normal self should walk out of MSG fucking confused. Even when listening to them digitally I can still get fucked up with jams. THEY HAD BETTER SCARE THE COKED-UP DOUCHEBAGS F A R AWAY.

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