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Okay, Enthusiasts, we have some answers. Not all, but some.

This picture that I posted yesterday is indeed Graceland: this is in the backyard where Elvis, his stillborn twin Jesse, and their parents are buried. The date is 4/3/95; the Dead had shows at The Pyramid in Memphis on the 1st and 2nd of April, and took the day to go to Graceland before truckin’ up to Birmingham.


Graceland. Memphis, Tennessee.

Was Garcia’s traveling partner nine years old, and a child of his first marriage?

No. He took the drummers.

Not as poetic.

Not nearly. A poster on says this:

Billy’s all the way on the left of the pic, and Mickey is in the yellow non-Dead shirt next to Garcia. (Mickey tried the Merch Yoink at the Graceland gift shop and was tackled by four Elvis impersonators.) And that might be Bobby behind the column. It also might not be.

Whether or not the band sang Heartbreak Hotel in three-part harmony is unknown.


  1. There is a school of thought that Elvis’ twin brother Jesse did not die at birth, but rather was given up for adoption. Nick Tosches actually wrote an article about this. It’s hard to say how seriously we are supposed to take it, but he claims to know that it is so.

    If Jer had visited Graceland in 1976 or something, he would have had Ron Tutt and Donna and could have hung out.

  2. Do you suppose the words “Hunka Hunka Burning Love” were used for both good and ill by the band and crew after that visit?

  3. You do not truck “up” to Birmingham from Memphis; it’s down and over.

  4. I’ve been studying this photo for a while now…..are you sure that’s Garcia’a wife?

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