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You Have 30 Minutes To Move Your Cube

TotD once again starts a new and beautiful day here at Fillmore South with an installment of Terrible Dead Art.

painting phil cubist

This piece of…art…comes to us from Reddit user Wizzo Wazzo (of the Cleveland Wazzos); we…thank…him for it.

I know Phil’s chin was never about to get him cast as RoboCop, but it’s better than this: he looks like that obese woman who gave birth to, and one day shall eat, Honey Boo Boo.

Why the mountains? Where are Phil’s legs? Where’s his dong? What’s the point of being a rock star with no dong? Plus, Phil has carved out three consecutive hours of his day and set them aside for Boner Time. Can’t have Boner Time without a boner, can you? Didn’t think about that, Mr. Artist, did you?

How’d Phil get in the cube? Can he get out? Is it a punishment: has Philbert J. Lesh been sentenced to the Phantom Zone?

Good art asks questions about the world; Terrible Dead Art does the same, but the questions are so very, very stupid.

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