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You Just Gotta Fiddle Around

Hey, Bobby. Whatcha doing?

“Tuning up for the big TV spot. Gonna be on Carson.”




“Is Josh Meyers guest-hosting again?”

Jimmy Fallon.


Yeah, that’s about the only right answer to that. He’s a little drunken giggler. Plays beer pong with his guests so he doesn’t have to have a conversation like a grown-up.

“Ah. Must have missed the announcement.”

Bobby, why are you tuning up? The show’s not for, like, seven hours.

“Well, you know: I can either tune now, or do it while we’re supposed to be playing like usual.”

Now’s good.


One more question: how many songs you guys doing?

“Um. Just, uh, the one.”

One song?

“That’s the way these things work.”

Then why do you need so many doodads?

“If I didn’t bring them, how would people know I played guitar?”

You’re holding one.

“Sometimes, you don’t get it, man.”

Have a good show, Bob.



  1. Reblogged this on Deadheadland and commented:
    Weir here.

  2. Those shoes aren’t props.

  3. so how many peeps tried to zoom in on the photo and identify the pedals?
    damn strings are too close together on a strat for me.. I have thick fingerz

  4. Is Bob wearing tracky daks?

  5. “Have mercy Weir”
    “God Weir have mercy please”
    ..banter heard on some old Grateful Dead concert tapes

  6. His Strat appears to have three switches. Mine only had the one, like God Leo Fender meant. Jesus Christ, Weir, even when you switch to the most standard, generic electric guitar in the world, toy have to make it more complicated than it ever needed to be….

  7. On the other hand, I am a full twenty years younger than Bobby, and if I sat on the floor like that for more than 5 minutes, I would not be able to get up without pulling myself up with the help of the Red Stool. Not bad for an old guy….

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