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You Know Your Name's An Adverb?

IMG_1441Though some supposedly reputable and well-researched Dead source (looking at you, Lost Live Dead) deny his existence, forgotten member of the road crew Precarious Lee worked with the band well into the 1980’s.

In this rare photo, we see one of Precarious’ favorite engineering solutions: unsecured wooden chocks. Screwing things in was “dark-sided” according to Precarious, plus he had “lost the battery to the drill,” and also, it “looked fine, so get off my back, man.”

In addition to the unsecured wooden chocks, we must make note of another of Precarious’ signatures: putting the biggest thing on top. Most people familiar with gravity would balk at that route, but that’s what makes him special.

(Also–and this is a fun little touch–the little speaker wobbling on top of the monitor that’s balanced on the road case? That speaker is the heaviest thing of the three. Made out of tungsten. True fact.)

Other signs that Precarious Lee has helped include the exposed wiring just draped over things and Phil’s choice of sweater.


  1. …or at least well into the late ’79s.

    From the same show, we see another nice touch from the Precarious era. Sometimes he didn’t understand what the arrow meant, so the crew added a helpful mnemonic.

  2. After learning to play slide guitar on stage, Bob briefly embarked on an attempt to learn Eddie Van Halen style two-handed tapping, but he gave up after repeatedly poking his finger with the little cut off string ends.

    Sharp little bastards, they are.

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