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sign funny

I know it seems like I’ve posted this before, but this is a brand-new sign, I swear, and it’s the best so far in terms of symbolically summing things up. Is Phil’s dressing room in the same building, or did they set him up at the next football stadium over?


  1. Do people usually need to share dressing rooms in places like this?

    ps srry

  2. This is like the assignment chart for a country house party in a Jane Austen novel. Mickey and Bill are in the same hall, but not opposite, while Phil is out in the Summer house, because his wife doesn’t get on with the others.

  3. I heard that Jimi made friends really quick, one handshake or kiss on the cheek and you were in the Jimi entourage till the end of the tour.

    Corry would know better of course.

    • Weir only really spoke to Jimi in the Guild tent that one time in 67. the Dead shared a few gigs with Jimi, Culter spoke to him once (May 16 70). But not the band. Jimi toured a lot, and was based in England and NYC, so he never hung out much in SF. If the Dead didn’t meet him on the road–and they didn’t–it’s unlikely they met elsewhere

      There is a remote chance of a jam in February 68 with Mick Taylor and Hendrix, Taylor has alluded to jamming with “Hendrix and The Dead and Airplane and everybody” (at People’s Temple) but he was probably speaking generically. Jack Casady almost certainly met Hendrix duing those jams (Feb 68), but its unlikely though not totally impossible that band members (not Jerry) jammed with Hendrix, or met him.

      Everyone who met Hendrix said he was a great, humble guy and a pleasure to be around. I still think that Weir is embroidering the story.

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