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Young And Garcia (Not The 49ers QBs)

jerry neil young

Women would come from towns far and wide to give these men all of their sex. They were rock stars, dammit.

PLUS: Which jacket comes out of Thunderdome alive? At first: Neil, of course. There’s easily eight things wrong with that jacket I could name immediately and I’m sure that further inspection would also reveal nothing but horror. You could stop at the fringe; no one would blame you for saying “fringe” and refusing to have anything more to do with that jacket.

The way a leather blazer wrinkles at the elbow is almost pornographic.

And then you realize that whatever the hell Garcia has on has a zipper on it.


  1. needs a pair of wagon wheels

  2. garcia is smiling proudly and making that tada hand gesture because he has just prestidigitated one of the pickups off of Young’s guitar and hidden it among the electronics on his own guitar. He did the same thing to whoever played on stage with them. He has one of Santana’s bird inlays inlaid on his his briefcase, and if you look closely a bit of the inlay on Rosebud’s skirt was pilfered from Sting’s lute. James Cotten is still trying to figure out why he can’t play a low F on his harp. Turns out the reed was just the right size for scraping black tar from beneath the fingernails on one’s fretting hand.

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