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Young(ish) Love (Kinda)

That’s the look, Bobby.

“The look?”

The look of love.

“Love’s fine, but I’d prefer some light hanky-panky.”

You’re gonna get it.


Get it all over you.

“All right, c’mere.”


“What’s wrong with you, man? You’re at a party.”

No you’re at a party. I’m at my desk.

“You’ve never quite made the rules of this universe clear.”

You’ll be the first to know what they are.

“Ah. So, yeah: lemme work in peace.”

Billy always tells me about his sex life.

“Billy tells the planet about his sex life. It was half his book. I’m, uh, a gentleman.”

You are, Bobby.

“Now let me get back to trying to pork Loni Anderson.”


“Her, too.”



  1. Was Bobby doing Lou Reed’s wife before Lou was? Wow I never knew.

  2. Lou Reed’s wife is a nasty way to refer to Laurie. Besides there is something about New York City that leads to inexplicable pairings, see Wainwrights, or Carrie Fisher Paul Simon for proof.

  3. Is…is this the first time we’ve ever seen Bobby’s full Prince Charming seduction-clinching smile in a photo? It is, isn’t it? Could any expression ever say more clearly “we both know what’s about to happen, but I find your continued play-acting as if you’re unsure adorable, so I will now gently tease you”?

    That’s like the Death Star tractor beam of charming smiles right there. Great googly moogly

  4. Luther Von Baconson

    February 10, 2017 at 6:42 pm

    calls for some Jack Scott

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